Date night

I had to attend a meeting at work this morning and J had work when we got home we decided to have a little date. Especially since he's starting his new, part-time job at Mahogany Prime Steak House and I am off to Hawaii this week for our 10 day convention. I bought shoes for it feet are not looking forward to the 16 hour days on the convention floor! I am hoping that between my new Sketchers (a white pair and tan pair) and Cole Hahn/Nike Air shoes (black) that I won't be hating life by the second day! Something tells me that even though I will in Hawaii for 10 days, it will not be relaxing! At least I'll have the peace of a king suite in the Hilton Hawaii Villages famous Rainbow Tower.

Back to the date night....we had dinner and saw a movie...The Dutchess with Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes. Not uplifting at all, but very good. I cannot believe what that woman went through! And it all's a bio pic. We love a nice "period" was nice to have the time out together though.

We had a lag between dinner and the movie, so we walked through the mall. There is some EXCELLENT people watching at the mall! OMG! And I now remember why I don't do malls. I gave them up about 10 years ago... seriously! I prefer store OUTSIDE the Pier One or Target. Or, even better, shopping online.

Speaking of Target...I have come to realize, it's no longer appropriate for me to buy my work clothes or shoes there. For the past 10 years, not a problem for everyday, casual clothes, but now that I have to dress for business, it just doesn't cut it. So I am having to readjust my's tough to find well-made, good looking, quality clothing and shoes for under $20. That's what I generally spend on any one item...or less! So, today, I bit the bullet and actually spent $50 on a pair of boots and $35 on a pair of Sketchers. The only time in the past that I'd spend money on clothing was either for performance gowns (always under $250) and outerwear (my last coat cost $80).'s back to Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls as well as the sale racks at Kohls, JC Penny, and Macys. And every once in a while, Dress Barn or Lane Bryant. I am slowly trying to build my career wardrobe (since I have basically worn jeans and a t-shirt or sweater everyday for the past 10 years), one season at a time. It's gotten chilly this week, so I have picked up some new sweaters, slacks, tights and boots. They should suffice through the winter...

Good thing gas has continued to drop in price. It's now $2.19/gal. and continue to drop $0.01-0.03/day. I am hoping I see it under $2.00 soon! Especially since the less I spend at the pump the more we have to save (and buy new winter clothes, apparently). Also, J got a 25% raise at work and is taking on a few shifts/week at the steak house for added income. I put an ad out for some new students to teach a couple of nights a week. So we shall see. We really want to pay down debt and save some extra dough for when we're ready to buy a house. The housing market hasn't been hard hit here at all, but the predictions are that prices will drop slightly through 2009. So we want to be ready to take advantage of the deals when they are available.

Okay, I've rambled enough. Tonight was date night and it's not over....yet.