4 months on the job...

Today marks 4 months on the new job. It's so weird that in just 120 days I can hardly remember my life before living here and having this job. I mean I can remember it, but it seems SO long ago that I was teaching all day, getting to bed at 2 a.m. and not starting the next day until 11 a.m.

Nowadays, 11 a.m. is almost lunchtime and 2 a.m. I had better be FAST asleep or else!

Living and working in Tulsa is starting to feel more "normal". I am glad to have been able to go back to NorCal last month and get it out of my system. It was wonderful visiting friends and family, but I can honestly say, I am not missing the traffic or the high cost of living. Gas here is down to $3.15 this week. And traffic? It might get a little congested at the stoplight just before the mall or entrance to the highway and that's it! Nothing unbearable.

Ooh....on a side note. We had lunch the other day at Organicafe located at the naturalfarms store. Naturalfarms is a small store that sells organic products, many that are locally grown and produced. Their cafe is super cute and the food was delish and soul-satisfying. What's more it's right down the street from work, so I will probably check it out again in the near future.