Brookside Neighborhood

On Thursday evening, Ashley came for a visit. We headed down to 41st and Peoria, an area I've been wanting to check out since I first came to Tulsa back in May.'s a little boho, a little trendy...a couple of blocks of funky boutiques and chic restaurants. We had dinner at this little french bistro called The Brasserie. We started with the jumbo prawn appetizer. She had the Salade Niçoise which was a seared ahi tuna salad and I have the Steak Salad. Both were tasty and perfect for the hot weather we've been having. We finished we dessert...crème brulée with vanilla beans for her and a fresh fruit tarte for me...delish!

We headed back to the house and chatted for hour! We finally hit the sheets at 1:30 am! And let me tell you, 6 am came really quick! Up and ready for work...thank goodness it was Friday. And I have officially finished my second full week of work. I am starting to get the hang of things, at least on a day to day basis. And J will be here by this time next week. And once our stuff gets here and we unpack it all and really move it, I hope it will finally start to feel like home around here.