SUPER Target!

Today was my first day off in over a month! So, even though the puggies woke me up at 7 am for their breakfast, I returned to bed and lounged around until noon! When I finally got up and got dressed, I decided to run some errands. When I came to Tulsa last month (for my in-person interview) the hotel was right next to a new shopping center which had a Super Target.

What is a Super Target, you wonder?

It's a fully stocked Target store that also has a full grocery store in it! Be still my beating heart. And it's only 10 minutes from our new house! It has a deli, produce, bakery, as well as aisles and aisled of food, just like any grocery store. I found lots of organic stuff under Target's Archer Farms label that is very similar to what we normally buy at Trader Joe's. So I am thrilled! In San Jose, I would shop at Trader Joe's and Target on Coleman at Taylor at least once a week. So now, I can do it all in one place! Woo hoo!

And there's other shopping in the area....Kohl's, DSW, etc. So now, in addition to The Promenade Mall across from our home, I have found the Woodland Mall. And I drove different streets and got a better feel for how Tulsa is layed out, which I must say is quite easy. Everything is on a grid and the streets run straight through, with the same name. Not like San Jose, where it took me nearly a decade to figure out that Alma turned into Santa Clara which turned into the Alameda! SHEESH!

With the day off, I am missing J terribly! I have been so busy with work, but today, it was just me and the doggies. So we played and napped and watched movies in bed (Luigi loves to watch TV!). I saw "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta Jones, Aaron Eckert and Abigail Breslen. It was really cute! Tomorrow will probably be more of the same...except I will take the puppies in to get groomed. Fun! But it's way better than trying to wrestle them myself! I might head towards the river tomorrow and check it out.


Evonne & Darren said...

Awww... I so miss Target!