My man's gone now...

J flew back to San Jose this morning. He's been amazing in this entire process, from finding our new rental home to planning the route, booking our U-Haul trailer, getting the proper hitch installed for our CRV to tow it, and reserving dog-friendly hotels for our drive out here. There's no way I would have even been able to do this with out him. And now he's gone...for three whole weeks! So, it's me and the little puggies, my laptop and cable TV connection. Oh yeah and my new phone and cellphone.

I know that I will be super busy with work and that these next three weeks will fly by, but I hate being apart from J for too long. I just pray that no major storms hit here while he's gone. He's definitely more calm than I am when it comes to the raging wind and rain. Luckily, my cousin, Ashley, has a business trip that brings her to Tulsa next week, so I'll have her company and we will explore some of the dining and shopping options that this city has to offer.

He'll be busy too...finishing up the semester's classes, packing up the rest of our house in San Jose, and working at the restaurant. For those of you reading this that live in the area, he'll be there through the 19th or so and he could certainly use your company and helpful hands in this final push.