Hump day!

This morning started with an emergency warning alarm on the radio for flash floods, high winds and severe thunder showers. The sky turned charcoal gray even though the sun had already risen. The dogs were going nuts and I was just trying to get ready for my day. Unsure of the road conditions, I left for work later than normal since the weather warning was supposed to be lifted by 7:30 am. Finally, at 7:45 am I headed to work and made it there in about 20 minutes. The rain was coming down so hard! I parked the car and got drenched in the 20 feet I had to walk from the car to the front door at work!

Work was busy as we are getting ready for one of the triannual international board meetings that is happening this Friday and Saturday. J called in a near panic. He had been contacted by the auto transport that our Accord was arriving TODAY! We were expecting it next Tuesday! So, after a few phone calls and a trip to the bank, I made plans to delay my lunch break so that I could meet the truck driver and receive the car. By then, the storms had passed and the sky was bright blue and polka-dotted with white, puffy clouds. It was about 85 and nice. Not too humid and not too hot. I left the Accord in the parking lot at the mall across the street (that was only space large enough for the 18-wheeler to park to deliver the car) and I will walk over there and drive it back here later tonight.

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to me more of the same...UGH! I just hope it doesn't delay J's flights. He's travelling with Bella in a carry-on, soft-sided carrier and she will probably be a little freaked out. He has been taking her in the bag in the car to prepare her somewhat for the trip. And the vet said that we can give her half of a baby Benadryl to mellow her out for the flights. So we shall see how that all goes. They are slated to arrive in Tulsa around 10:30 pm. I am SO excited! He finished packing up the relo-cubes (like PODS) today with the help of my brother. And the cleaning crew came to do a final once-over before we turn the keys back over to the landlords. We hope to get all of our security deposit back...but we shall see. We're pretty sure they are hurting for cash right now. So I won't be surprised if they find some reason to retain some of it. I cannot wait until we are no longer renters! Hopefully, that will be about this time next year! Until then, I just cannot wait to have Joseph and Bella here and then our furniture and belongings so we can finally settle in here in our new home in Tulsa.


Evonne & Darren said...

Wow, the weather is just crazy over there... glad that your car arrived and the furniture and everything else will follow soon. Hope Joseph and Bella made it there OK. Ahhh... your move totally reminded me of ours 3 years ago! It's so exciting!