Today was gorgeous!

The day started with lots of fog and cool temps...nothing new for this SF girl! But by late morning the sun shone through and by the time I was off work (4:30 pm) it was amazing! 85 wind, not too humid and barely a cloud in the sky. I took the long way home from work to check out some other areas near our neighborhood. Work was kind of crazy...lots of plate spinning today. And my brain is starting to hurt from all of the new information! Seriously! I can feel myself growing gray matter lately.

I am excited because I got my first pay stub today. So it feels real now. And also because J will be here in NINE days! YAY! Single digit countdown. I cannot wait for him (and Bella) to get here. Our furniture will arrive after he does, but I don't care. I just want him here. And now!


Jarrod said...

Great to hear things are going together for you and all is working out. I hope you and Joseph can finally breath and enjoy life as me and Cathy finally got the chance when we moved to our home.

Your missed everyday and I think about you guys at least each day which is sort of strange since we didn't have much time to visit but just knowing you were around had more impact than I knew.