Lightening + Thunder = NO SLEEP!

Um was 11 pm and I was ready to turn in. One last outside break for the puppies...I let them out in the back yard and noticed that it was pretty cool out. I stood out there with them, enjoying the reprise from the heat that has been choking Tulsa for the past week or so. All of the sudden...FLASH! And then huge, quarter-sized raindrops began to fall!

I immediately called the puppies inside, toweled them off and decided it was time to get to bed. I fell asleep for an two hours or so and then. FLASH -- CRASH! Lightening and thunder and MORE rain. Regina started barking. She's not used to this weather at all. I put on the TV to see if there was any severe weather alerts and thankfully, no, just regular ol' thunderstorms and some flash floods. And record breaking rain for Tulsa. In 100 years! Lovely.

Since I was up, I called J back in San Jose. He was just gotten off of work, so I was glad to be able to talk with him. I tuned to the Classical Music channel on the TV and the sound of the music and glow of the TV seemed to comfort the puppies and calm them down from reacting to every thunder crash. We all snuggled together and tried to fall asleep.

I managed to fall asleep, only to be re-awakened around 5 am. More loud thunder...felt like they were directly over our roof! I tried to rest since my alarm wasn't set to go off until 6 am. Alas, no luck. So I got up and fed the doggies and started my Monday morning. What a start. I pray that the ride to work is less eventful. And that this stormy weather subsides. I am having anxiety about the possibility of power outages. If the power were to go out, we'd loose A/C and then the puggies would be in grave danger. Especially if I were at work when it were to happen. So I will be bookmarking Public Service Company of Oklahoma's web site at work....just in case.

Oh, I will be so glad when this whole weather situation subsides. Native Tulsans are in awe of the weather, so I know this is not "normal". But then again, it seems that many folks in many cities are saying the same thing. So maybe this is the new "normal"? If so, I am going to lose a lot of sleep.