Weathered the storm..

I fell asleep around 9:30 pm last night knowing that, most likely, I would be awakened by the impending storm. And true enough, right around midnight, thunder and lightening started. Regina didn't like that and started barking and I awoke. So I put on the TV, partially to drown out the thunder and distract the dogs and partially to see if the "Big One" was headed my way!

Because I am not familiar with the area, the counties, what is near and what is far, I was afraid that the tornadic winds were headed our way and I andthe puppies got into the storm closet. Yes we did. And immediately, I realized, it's too small in there. I mean, we fit, but had J and Bella been here too, it would have been a tight squeeze! And it was HOT! So, we need to work on that plan! I called Joseph and we chatted while he surfed the 'net to get a better grasp on what I was hearing on the local news. Turns out, the really bad stuff was way South of us! So, I climbed out of the closet and got back in bed with the puppies. I left the TV on for a while, since it really does seem to drown out the thunder and other sounds that set the dogs off. Finally, by 1 am I fell asleep again and didn't awake until the sound of my alarm clock.

I think next time, I will have a better idea of the situation....basically, I need to be alert and aware, but really, I am not in the direct line of tornados! We have trees that have been here at least 100 years and the neighborhood was built in the 50's. So I feel pretty confident, that although we'll get the hail and thunder and lightening and even high winds, I won't be holding on to Regina and Luigi like Dorothy did to Toto!