Happy Weekend!

Ah, Sunday! Today is a glorious one. The weather is a nice 78 degrees and breezy so we have turned off the A/C and opened all of the windows and let the fresh air in! The furbabies are enjoying the backyard and we are slowly making our way through the boxes. We did find the wireless router, so I am happily blogging wirelessly now! YAY!

Yesterday we made the 2.5 hour drive southeast to visit J's mom and pop. It was a stormy day and we got quite a show of ominous clouds and lightening along our way. We sat and talked for hours, gave their inside dog a bath and fixed a yummy dinner of grilled steaks, red potatoes, green beans and salad. This is the first time we've both seen his folks since we were back here in Decemeber when his mom has ailing in the hospital. So it was nice to just have the time to sit and talk and visit. Hopefully we'll be getting together with them and J's Aunt next weekend for the Fourth of July. I have the day off from work, which makes it a nice three day weekend! I am curious to know how the 4th is celebrated here...already we see firework stands in the areas outside of Tulsa. I believe they are illegal here in the city, but beyond the city limits, I think they are legal. Hopefully no one in our neighborhood plans to fudge the rules.