When did waking up at 8 am...

become "sleeping in"? We awoke today at 8 am and were thrilled that the furbabies let us sleep in past 6 am. Not too long ago, 8 am was EARLY! Isn't funny how quickly things change?

It is Independence Day and I have a long weekend...yay! The office was practically abandoned yesterday, there were just a handful of us in the building. We are getting ready for a week-long educational symposium in San Antonio. Half of us will be there, so there are lots of preparations being made. Thankfully, I get to attend classes and meet and greet the faculty and members. I love putting faces with names and am glad that I will have the opportunity to do so. The rest of my colleagues will be charged with the tasks of checking-in registrants, facilitating the classrooms, etc. So I lucked out, because I am the new girl. I have never been to San Antonio, but I hear that is going to be really hot. Like over a 100 degrees. Thank goodness my stint in Bangkok a couple of years ago has given be a new meter for what I can stand when it comes to extreme temperatures and humidity.

Luckily, we haven't had it too bad here in Tulsa. Seems the major storminess of the season has subsided. It does get up to the mid-90's and it is humid here, but everything is so air conditioned, we barely notice it. Of course, if our power ever went out...well that's a different story entirely.