Sandra sent me this pic today that was taken in September while I was visiting. How cute is my little ahijado (godson)? He looks pretty happy there, huh? He's only a month old in that pic.

Boy, he's getting bigger...this also came with the email:

They're in NY for auditions so they decided to get the baby's pics done at Macy's in Herald Square.

How cool will that be in the baby's scrapbook?

And last month they were in France visiting Christopher's family. World-travelin' baby! Yes, he has a passport!

And is it just me or does he totally look like daddy in this pic?

But in this one, he looks more like mommy.
Or even better, mommy's brother!

He's so freakin' cute! Cannot wait to see him again.
Until then, these pics will have to suffice.


Yogi said...

Congratulations, your Godson is a keeper.

Jill of All Trades said...

Beautiful baby. They grow up VERY, VERY fast.