Holiday Break

I got off work today at 1:30 p.m. and stopped at Walmart on my way home. I had two gift cards I wanted to use and the place is literally on the route home. What was I thinking? It was my first visit to the Wally World since moving to OK. I will say, it's a totally different experience than the ones in CA. First of all, just like the Target here, there is a full grocery store attached to the regular megastore! And of course, there's the whole "okie factor" which brings people watching to a whole other level, especially on the eve of Chirstmas Eve! Culture shock aside, I got us a nice set of cozy flannel sheets and some aqua pillowcases for the third set of pillows on our bed. I used up all of the gift cards down to a few cents. So...I won't have to go back there. Thank goodness!

So...I am off until next Monday...woo hoo! Unfortunately, my better half is not. He has to work a double tomorrow (breakfast/lunch at WDC and then dinner at the steak house). On Christmas he has the breakfast shift. Then we'll drive to Aunt Rita's and Uncle Bob's for tacos with the family. J works a double on Friday and then, finally has Saturday off, followed by another double on Sunday. Poor baby. Working like a dog because so many of his colleagues requested time off for the holidays. Overtime sweetens it a bit though and all of his hard work will definitely put us ahead of the game.

So, while he's off, I will be getting the house ready for mom's arrival. Last weekend I cleared out the guest room. This weekend I will tackle the "office" which really isn't the office at all. Aside from the fact it has our printer, tons of paper, boxes of stuff, our file cabinet, an empty shelf and the treadmill. So I will attempt to straighten it up. I think that mostly means that the boxes will go in the garage. I also want to list a bunch of stuff on eBay. Like my formal performance gowns. I don't need them anymore. I have a few favs I love, so I will keep those, but the rest have got to go! And anything else saleable will go on eBay or Craigslist. So that's what I'll be doing with my time off this week. That and a couple of simple surprises I have up my sleeve for ease the pain of his treacherous work schedule.


Yogi said...

Walking around Walmart is a proud Okie tradition.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh goodness. I so hate going to Walmart and will avoid it at all costs. Crazy place, especially now. Merry Christmas

katie said...

Send me the eBay link for the dresses, will ya? A girl can always dream! :-)