Red Cat Collar No. 10

Bella is a pretty tuxedo kitty who made her way into our hearts and our home 5 years ago when she was just about 8 weeks old. Ever since wandered in through our apartment door, uninvited (we think...maybe Bud Kitty invited her?), she has been ours. She wears a red collar that strikingly stands out from her beautiful black and white coat. Ms. Bella, however thinks otherwise. In 5 years she has lost at least 9 collars. Maybe more. Most have been red. Including the one she lost today. Unfortunately, it was the same one I bought today! How does she do it? I swear she has mastered the breakaway kitty collar clip! I would love to get her a buckle one, but I am afraid that she might actually need the break away action...obviously...she's used it 10 times now.

UPDATE! Found the yard this morning when I was out there with the pugs. Yay...we shall see how long Bella wears this one. Thank goodness they're only $3.00!