Gorgonzola Pasta Revisited

So since J is working a double today our only opportunity to dine together on this Christmas Eve will be his small break from 3:30-4:15 p.m. when he comes home to change into his clothes for the second shift. So I made up some of my tasty gorgonzola penne pasta to fill his belly. Except today I skipped the turkey kielbasa (I am saving it to make some of my spaghetti later this week) and used chicken breast tenders cut into bite size pieces, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic and browned in a little olive oil.

It's not as colorful as when I use the kielbasa, but it's oh so tasty! I thought about adding in some dried cranberries on top, but wondered if that would be weird. Sort of a variation on one of my favorite salads...
grilled chicken - gorogonzola - spinach - pecan salad with dried cranberries and either apples or pears.

Anyway, I snapped some pics and as soon as I download them from my camera, I'll post them here!