End of a long week...

Ah, Saturday. Slept in. Ate breakfast late. Still in my jammies as I blog.

This has been one long week. I worked everyday, skipping lunch breaks (sufficed with a quick bite at my desk, horrible habit, but there you have it)...most days were 9 hours and yesterday was 10. Busy, busy, busy time of year. Got my review yesterday. Not bad for six months. "Areas for improvement" included learning the history of the company and processes. Well duh? Anyway, it's all good. I've officially been on the job 6 months and so far, so good. Save for the office politics and daily drama that every workplace dynamic has...I am trying to avoid all that. I don't have time or the energy to invest myself.

Next week looks to be just as busy...long meetings on Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. More deadlines. And then I know, closer to Christmas, it will slow down. I hope. That's the plan.

We also found out this week that J's mom is back in the hospital. Nearly one year to the day. In the early part of the week she wasn't feeling well and finally went into the urgent care clinic nearest her. Her CO levels were high. She may have been fighting a cold, which led to this. We're not 100% sure. She's still there and we hope she'll be released today. J drove out there to see her today. And brought her some homemade chocolate chip cookies. He's been on a baking kick this week....stress relief? Funny thing, it's his first time ever baking cookies from scratch. How cute is that? Now...I hope it doesn't become a habit or else we may have some problems! We don't need dozens of cookies in the house, okay?

He worked three doubles this week. He's working very hard and I hope that it's all worth it. After the New Year we're gonna take inventory and see where we want to head. Homeownership is high on our priority list. But maybe we need to pace ourselves. We shall see.

On a fun note...I came home from work yesterday to the sweetest surprise... a fun Christmas ornament from my friend in Maui:

How cute is this? Hopefully we can decorate our tree tomorrow. The tree has been in our living room for a week, naked. It looks pitiful. But J stored our ornaments and lights in the attic in the garage and there's no way I am going up that creaky ladder to fetch them. So he promised he'd do it tomorrow. And then we can finally decorate the tree. Christmas will be a challenge this year. We've given up exchanging gifts a long time ago, but still celebrated by spending time with friends and family with little parties and get-togethers. Being in a new place, the dynamic is new too. We will spend Christmas day at J's aunt and uncles in Arkansas, as we did for Thanksgiving. But since we're still establishing our network of friends here in, our dance card is wide open as far as December social obligations. That's different for us and I guess we will try to enjoy it. For many, many years December was break-neck for us. So I will embrace this new, kinder, gentler holiday season.