It's thirteen degrees

Brrr...the sun is shining and sky's are clear but it's 13 degrees. Oh my...there's ice on the INSIDE of our windows. The projected high for today is 29 degrees. Jack Frost is nipping at our nose...and toes! Thank goodness for Uggs (or in my case, cheaper knock-offs from Costco). Makes me wonder...will we have a white Christmas? That would be neat. I mean if we must suffer with cold, at least give us a blanket of snow. For the day, at least.

Speaking of Christmas, we're headed to Aunt Rita's for tacos. Yep. Christmas tacos. Should be interesting. Apparently Uncle Bob makes a mean taco. Sounds like fun...a new holiday tradition. Maybe now I can get Sandra's tamale recipe and make them too.


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in my recliner right now with my hoodie over my head and Uggs on snug. Brrr!

Even crazier I'll be heading west for the holidays and Las Vegas has more snow on the ground! How crazy is that?

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh no snow yet. Just want A's plane to land safe and sound today and then it can snow until she heads back to CA. (Love my UGGS too.!)

Jill of All Trades said...
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