Preparing for Ice

So nearly one year ago today there was the worst ice storm in Oklahoma's recent history. They are predicting a similar storm to hit us sometime in the next two days. It's very hard to believe considering it was actual warm today...hovering in the low 70's. Not too shabby for mid-December! But, the forecasters are calling for a 40-50 degree drop overnight!

So, I ventured out and stocked up on novena candles. Should we lose power, they will be our only source of heat and light. We have no fireplace and even though our heater is gas, the thermostat is electric. So is our stove. And we don't own a generator and frankly, I am little scared to get one. The carbon monoxide thing is not cool. So, we're gonna close off the rooms we're not using and bunker down in the bedroom, should the unfortunate happen. We have several down blankets and thermal cotton blankets as well as flannel sheets. Plus we'll have the pugs...they're like little heaters. I hope it doesn't happen, but if it does, we're now prepared. We've got three days worth of water, shelf-stable food, hand-crank flashlights and emergency radio and candles. Wish us luck! I hope we're spared the heavy ice and power outages. Last year some people were without power for two weeks! I am hoping that because we're so close to the mall, university and hospital that our grid would be a first priority.

Update: It's nearly midnight and down to 17 degrees. We've had sleet pelting the windows. Wish us luck tonight and tomorrow morning!