New (to us) Blue Chair

We scored a new addition to our home decor today, for $10 off of Craigslist:

A local guy inherited from his mother and he's relocating to France and selling all of his stuff. It's sapphire blue brocade, wing backed and best of reclines! It needs a little TLC...we'll clean the upholstery, gift it a good vacuuming, sprinkle a little Febreeze and spruce it up with a throw pillow and cozy throw...voila! It will be perfect for our TV room and will offer a more contructed, yet comfortable place for our visitors to sit (like J's mom who needs more support for her back than our slouchy, loungy down chaise and sofa can offer). Best of all, it was ten bucks!

Today we also had a little date and saw "Four Christmases" with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. It was a riot and had us laughing out loud the entire time. Definitely a "must see" this holiday season. It made us sort-of miss San Francisco (it's set there) but annoyed us that they lived in the City and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to get to the airport. UGH!

Next on the list? "Nothing Like the Holidays" with John Leguizamo and Debra comes out on the 12th. Hopefully by then we'll have our Christmas tree up and decorated. That's the plan.