's cold and damp!

Okay, so last week it was sweltering and we had all of our fans going and the AC running. Today, it's downright chilly. I even ran the heater this morning! Just when I've stripped the bed of its flannel sheets and packed away my sweaters I am thinking maybe I made those moves too soon. It is May after all! I knew it'd still be rainy, but cold? I wonder if/when I'll ever get used to the weather here.

On a side note, in a couple of weeks I am off to Auckland, New Zealand for work. We'll have meetings and hotel site visits for an education event I am planning there for November 2010. Well in November, it's summer there. In May? Winter. According to my cyberfriend, Lisa in Oz, Auckland is uber cold this time of year. As I told her I was anticipating 60's and tropical. She said to expect 60's and cold! New Zealand is so far south of the equator it's near Antartica, so it gets downright cold there. Again, I've obviously stored my sweaters a bit prematurely.


Jill of All Trades said...

Me too. I'm shivering today. Where's the sun.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I am so cold this weekend under blankets with bootie socks and my hoodie up. I can't remember what the blue skies look like anymore!

Lisa in Oz said...

LOL definitely unpack those sweaters - you'll need them down here!