Today we toured the convention area here at SkyCity as well as saw the accommodations in the other hotel. All was lovely and I do hope that we chose this venue for our 2010 event. It was pouring down rain this morning and we were lucky that we never had to venture outdoors in it.

By the afternoon, our tour was finished. We said goodbye to our hostess who needed to head home for work. My colleague and I decided to get some rest and meet back up for dinner that evening in the complex's rotating restaurant, Orbit.

You take a glass bottomed and sided elevator to the top of SkyCity Tower and it goes straight to the top to the restaurant. The restaurant slowly rotates as you dine so you get a 360 degree view of the entire region. It was nightfall and the city lights twinkled all below us. I ordered the steak with sweet potato and spinach and she had the pork which came on a bed of polenta. Everything was tasty and the ambiance was well worth it. For any visitor to Auckland, I'd say dining at Orbit is a must-do. Next time, I hope to have lunch there and see the city views by day.