One year later!

Today marks our one year anniversary since moving to Tulsa. We can hardly believe it! In many ways it seems longer and in others like it's not been that long at all. We have been through all four seasons and for two Californians used to basically one season all year long, that was very interesting.

I am friendly with my coworkers but I don't talk to or see any of them outside of work. And aside from my friend that I met on the internet long before moving here I still haven't made any friends here. That's been difficult. And something I desperately want to change. I am at a loss, really. I am outgoing and friendly but I guess I just don't find myself in situations where I am meeting other women my age with similar outlooks on life. So my goal is to change that. Not sure how just yet, but it's my goal.

J has befriended some coworkers, but none that he hangs out with outside of work. Not that he has the time between two jobs and school. School is full-time for him starting next week. We're hoping he gets a tuition waiver based upon merit. He has been accepting into the CNA program, so our fingers are crossed. We should know in a couple of weeks either way.

Other than that, we're just taking it easy this summer and trying to beat the heat! Mom is still in CA and might be there for most of June. I have some travels for work...DC in mid-June and Detroit at the end of July. I also plan to start yoga at a local studio. J will be busy with work and school but hopes to get out to Vegas at some point to see his dad and stepmom. I also hope we can do a couple of overnight getaways locally. There are some neat places within a day's drive from here. Depends upon our schedules and if gas prices skyrocket. Since the week before Memorial Day they're already up $0.30/gal. We also plan to check out some local happenings like summer festivals, concerts and farmer's markerts. We have tickets to see comedienne Kathy Griffin in July. Here's looking forward to a wonderful summer!


Anonymous said...

I just celebrated my 2 year Moviversary to T-town on the 15th! I totally know what you mean about meeting friends. I have been so busy with school since January that I can literally count the number of times I've socialized on my toes and fingers. While I know it won't be like this forever it still can be difficult not having girlfriends to dish with.

The next few weeks is going to be crazy with my two classes overlapping this semester, but maybe we can get together for lunch or something one day if you like? We can have belated Moviversary celebrations or something :-)

Cindy said...

Happy Tulsa Anniversary to you and your husband! I would love to meet you in person, if you are interested. I'm older than you, but reading this post and linking to your 8/9/2008 post tells me we have a lot in common. My first marriage, my travels with my second husband and the struggles I had with making friends in Calgary, Chicago and Houston, since I didn't want to hang with co-workers. Bonus fact is that I know some very interesting women here who are in your age group. If you are interested, let me know!

Jeff Shaw said...

Happy Anniversary!